My First Blog Post…and a Word about Meth/Radon Disclosure

I am not a Gen X/Yer. I am a wife, a mom (of Gen Yers or whatever they might be called tomorrow), a lawyer, a teacher, a coach and a reluctant blogger. Yes, it’s true…I must confess, I don’t want to blog. I keep asking myself “Why?”  I love to write so why not blog? I think the real answer is that it is somewhat out of fear of e-rejection. Someone I don’t know and can’t see may respond in a negative way to my post.  That hurts my feelings before it even happens and I know it will happen.

Another reason I don’t want to blog is because I am a lawyer. I think of all of the crazy consequences that could come from one wrong word or thought being published to the “world” however big or small depending on the “bloggership.” It is mind-“bloggling.”

But alas, people tell me that our members want to read legal stuff so I must blog. That I will do. I will close my eyes and jump off of this virtual cliff into this scary void. However, I did not want to do so without open and honest communication so you know where I am coming from. I will also quite likely stick to legal issues that you might want to read about instead of this heartfelt confession.

Meanwhile, you can read my Q&A on the latest amendments to two disclosure laws that affect your practices.

On August 11 Gov. Quinn signed into law a new item #23 on the Seller Disclosure form related to the manufacture of methamphetamine. You can read about it, find a link to downloadable forms as well as a Q&A on “Must all sellers use the revised form?”

That same day Gov. Quinn signed a law related to Radon Disclosure that exempts homes located on the third-story or higher and allows disclosure of previous radon remediation. Learn more at

8 thoughts on “My First Blog Post…and a Word about Meth/Radon Disclosure

  1. This is great information. I appreciate this blog. Speaking of a fear for blogging, I have fallen victim to that scenario. So I’m jumping the cliff too, starting here with IAR. This is the “Year of The Professional”, and starting here and now, I’m being the best professional I can be. Technology is the new portal to success so I’m using every ounce of it to learn from. Thanks again for this blog for our industry.

  2. Betsy, Thanks for jump starting the IAR blog. We all have the fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and especially when it is in a blog. Thanks for getting us going.

  3. Great post, Betsy! Very helpful information for members. I’ll look forward to future posts.

    The new forms are perfect examples of just *some* of the benefits of being a member of the Illinois Association of REALTORS! The fact that they were rolled out to members within 24-hours of the changes being signed into law is a huge benefit to REALTORS. After all, nonmember brokers and agents don’t have anyone sending alerts out about these types of changes — even those that take effect immediately like these!

    It’s also a great example of why buyers and sellers should use REALTORS — they have access to the most authoritative, relevant, current industry information.


  4. Good job Betsy. A good mix of the personal side and good business information. Glad to see IAR taking this step.

  5. Thanks for passing the great information along Betsy! Staying “on top of the changes” can sometimes be a bit challenging… Any info. that you can pass along is much appreciated!


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