How the IAR Tech Guy Disconnects in a Connected World

Yes, even the most geeky of us must turn off the noise every now and then. During a recent camping trip in the mountains of Colorado, I learned a helpful life lesson on disconnecting myself in order to refresh myself.

Matthew and Nathan Brewer on Devil's Head MountainKicking and screaming I left my phone turned off as we embarked on a loooong boring drive to Colorado. What happened next shocked my very soul! As the hours passed and the conversation flowed I deeply connected with the friends and family that accompanied our four-car convoy.  The time in the mountains gave me perspective. It gave me opportunity to reevaluate my “leash” to the rest of the world.

Busy REALTORS®, read my tips! If the IAR Tech Guy can disconnect so can you!
I had let my boundaries get out of control between work, church and kids activities. It isn’t a good thing when your nose is in your phone ALL the time. You truly miss out on the world immediately around you.

  • FIRST redefine your boundaries!
  • Keep your computer turned off until you absolutely need it.
  • Decide what you want or more importantly, need to receive on your phone – Is Facebook and Twitter necessary?
  • Must you open a browser to read ALL the news EVERY morning, afternoon and evening? NEWSFLASH: My name is Matt and I’m a news junkie. I’ve been out of touch with pointless news for more than a month now AND I LOVE IT!

As uncomfortable as it is for many people, take some time to just sit in silence, alone, with no possibility of interruptions. Silence is a scary thing in this noisy world, but it’s also rejuvenating!

So what are you doing reading this blog? Go enjoy some quiet time.

2 thoughts on “How the IAR Tech Guy Disconnects in a Connected World

  1. Very true! I recently came back from a missions trip to Romania and I had no opportunity or ability to use my cell phone or internet and I definitely came back to Illinois rejuvenated:)

  2. Thanks for the comment Ramona! A mission trip to Romania? Wow! That would be an experience!

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