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Nearly 80 percent of Americans use social networks, up from 56 percent in 2007 according to Forrester Research, Internet marketing expert Joe Sesso of REALTOR.com told the crowd at the IAR Convention today. Sesso focused on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn marketing strategies. Here are some tips for Facebook:

  • Complete your entire profile (year you graduated from high school, college, etc.). This is how Facebook finds networks for you and you don’t want to miss out on those connections.
  • Keep your page fresh with posts at least once a week.
  • Make it part of your prospecting system to directly connect with two to three of your friends on Facebook each week.
  • It’s OK to spend time on Facebook in the office. It’s a business tool.
  • Join groups on Facebook such as REALTOR.com and other REALTOR® groups for referrals. If you have a client who is moving you can post to a Facebook group “I’m a Chicago agent looking for a referral agent in San Antonio.”
  • Don’t just post your listings. It’s a social network. You need to show our personality on Facebook.

Watch this video to get Sesso’s tip for marketing to your farm neighborhood online by creating a Facebook “Neighborhood Page” to promote garage sales, local market stats and you!

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Ann Londrigan is Director of Association Outreach and Marketing for the Illinois Association of REALTORS®. She is responsible for increasing member engagement in and awareness for IAR Governmental Affairs and the RVOICE program as well as increasing participation in the REALTORS® Political Action Committee. She is responsible for overall marketing plans for IAR member benefits, educational products and events and is the content manager for IAR’s Facebook page and LinkedIn discussion group. She manages the IAR Welcome Center, serves as staff liaison to the University of Illinois Regional Economics Applications Laboratory, and coordinates the IAR housing stats program.

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