Sixteen Candles

I received a telephone call from a gentleman that asked how I had been.  For a moment I thought I might know this person and he continued with “I talked to you about 10 years ago and you helped me get started with my license training and I just couldn’t believe you were still there when they transferred my call.”

Today I begin my sixteenth year at IAR.  Today I was trying to remember when I didn’t work here and reflecting on the many years that have flown by.  My youngest child was just 4 years old and she is soon to be 20!

To the thousands of individuals that I have spoken with over the telephone and by email, I hope that I have always provided you the help and service you were seeking.  It’s still a joy to hear from a student or a customer who was looking for direction that I was the person who helped them.

Here’s to looking forward to many more…

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About Carrie Elliott

Carrie Elliott is Education Manager for the Illinois Association of REALTORS®. She manages the continuing education, pre-license, leasing agent, home study and online education programs for IAR. She provides assistance to IAR instructors and local associations regarding education programs and procedures and compliance with the Illinois License Law. She provides education licensing information to IAR members and the public. She also serves as the Association’s education liaison with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, as well as the IAR Education Working Group.

5 thoughts on “Sixteen Candles

  1. Congratulations and Thank You so so so SO much for all support you provide to all the Ed Directors and REALTORS through out the state! You are truly a blessing to us all:)

  2. Carrie……..seems like only yesterday we first met….and thruout all the years you
    have beem the most tremendous asset at IAR for me with all my questions and requests….
    i am sure i speak for everyone who has had the pleasure of your time and will attest
    to your professionalism, caring, kindness, and humor.

    have a sweet 16th birthday….


  3. WOW – no wonder you usually have all the answers. Congratulations Carrie and best wishes for continued great service to IAR and all the members.

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