Make Your Videos Stand Out Above the Rest!

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt says “We’re starting to make significant money off of YouTube, content will move towards more video.”

Here at IAR we’ve opened our eyes to the trend. I am very grateful to the association for investing in me through training and providing me with the video technology needed to create great videos. I am thankful for our members as well and that’s why I am so eager to share these tips with you!

Here are some great ways to make your videos stand out above the rest.

  1. When shooting video, bad lighting is more forgivable than bad audio. A camera with an external microphone jack works best for capturing only the audio you want.
  2. When shooting for the Web you’ll want to keep the file size down. A good way to do that is to shoot close-ups of the subject and have as little background movement as possible. The file compresses to a smaller size when there is less movement in the video.
  3. Use a tripod when possible. If you need to move around with the camera, place the tripod on a dolly. This will give the video a more smooth and fluid motion.
  4. Always be aware of what’s in the background!
  5. Use zoom to frame your shot before recording. This cuts down on zooming in and out, which can make your audience seasick, and it saves time while editing your video.
  6. If the subject is blurry and the camera won’t focus, zoom in until the camera focuses and then zoom out. The subject should stay in focus.
  7. Periodically wipe dust and smudges off the camera lens with a lens cleaning cloth.
  8. Upload to YouTube, share on Facebook and Tweet the video link to all your friends!

As always, get written permission from your client and/or subject before publishing video on the Web. I hope to see more great looking videos on YouTube now!

Enjoy this video from REALTOR® TV on “How to Shoot a Home Tour Video”

7 thoughts on “Make Your Videos Stand Out Above the Rest!

  1. Great information Matt! I’ve been researching the best way to get started shooting my own video tours for YouTube and that video you shared with us was GREAT! I’m excited to try it out. Now, can I borrow some money so I can buy a video camera?

  2. Thanks Mike! I wish I COULD buy you a camera! I’m excited to see more videos coming from our members! I think people are really embracing that technology and are slowly getting over their fears of being on camera.

  3. Matt – Nice tips!

    Real estate marketers should also consider using online video in a direct marketing capacity. Posting video content to video sharing or social media sites is one way to distribute video in a mass capacity. Video emails are an extremely effective way to market homes and other properties in a direct marketing capacity.

    Along with marketing properties using online video, real estate agents and real estate professionals should consider developing web video marketing campaigns to market their own services and firms. Audiovisual content can be extremely persuasive and this could be a great way to stand apart from competitors.



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  5. Look this is a useful post. I just happen to be a video snob as a former news shooter and editor. So I take all this flip video stuff with a grain of salt. there is no question that video on phones is outstanding for immediacy and the ability to basically have a live truck in your pocket.

    If you want to just capture the moment then all these point work. If however you want to do more than head shots and a couple of pans, then get into the details of shot composition, storyboarding, and shooting techniques. Also the audio bullet is right on and this means anyone with a budget under $1000 buy a Canon camera plus external mic. Canon is the only consumer camera in that price range that has external audio inputs. I just returned from SxSw and it was essential. The reason is with other cameras, e.g. phone and flip video you dont have the zoom capabilities to get a decent video shot plus good audio.

    Bottom line, there is a huge difference between shooting a talking head, and telling a story with video. these bullets will make your talking head better.

  6. Thanks for some great tips. We are just starting to think about using video in a couple of our business ventures. I am going to make sure that we follow all of your advice. Pretty exciting times we live in with digital media/marketing.

  7. The only thing I would add to excellent tips above is to think long and hard about whether posting to YouTube is the best place for showing off the properties you are representing. The bulk of the content on YouTube is very silly stuff by amateurs. If you are serious about presenting a professional image for your practice, consider using one of the other video hosting platforms like, which allows much larger file sizes and much longer clips than YouTube, without a lot of the silly things.

    If you are thinking YouTube because you think you have to use it to embed a player in your own website, guess again. Blip and other sites also allow you to embed video on your pages. For more on this topic, see my blog post at

    Steve “@PodcastSteve” Lubetkin
    Managing Partner, Professional Podcasts LLC
    Podcast Producer for NAR’s Commercial Division T&I Briefing Podcasts

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