Transition…it can be as easy as finding the box that fits you!

With all of the changes taking place with the new license law, it is apparent that licensees are frustrated as to what to do next. The good news is that IAR is looking out for you to provide you with the most up-to-date information and we will work with you to take care of whatever education needs you may have. I know the transition requirements can be difficult to wrap your head around so I have developed a matrix showing the different variations of where you may be in the licensing cycle.

Just find the box that fits you and read the requirements that apply. Remember the transition courses will not be available until after 4/30/2011 so if your plan is to complete a proficiency exam, you can start taking your regular continuing education now if you are currently a salesperson and after 5/1/2010 if you are currently a broker.

[Click here to download the education matrix.]

If you aren’t sure where you fit in the matrix feel free to call or email IAR for assistance. And be confident knowing that when you take your education through IAR or your local association your records are secure and someone will be there to service those records.

We are your trusted education provider. Please contact either myself or Stacy Mahinda if you have questions or concerns (800) 752-3275 (800) 752-3275

3 thoughts on “Transition…it can be as easy as finding the box that fits you!

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  2. This is great, Carrie! I am asking permission to add your entire article to our weekly eblast next week. I added the matrix to this week’s blast but I think your article would be a more attraction.

    Please let me know if it’s doable.

  3. stacy mahinda
    my is eugene min I have completed my Broker Management program, please send my exam to my proctor .
    my cell phone number is 224-392-1649 and I am living at lincolnwood illinois ,so as much as close home is better.

    thank you

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