What do you love about being a REALTOR®?

I LOVE being a REALTOR® graphicShare your story online on the new National Association of REALTORS® Web site devoted specifically to letting REALTORS® tell their story about why they love their career. Check it out at www.theheartofthemarket.com. What do you love so much about being a REALTOR®? Is it helping buyers achieve the American dream of owning a home, advising sellers, the flexible work schedule or perhaps how you are able to use your creativity in ways you never thought possible?

When people seek a professional no matter what specialty that is—be it a REALTOR®, doctor, dentist, tax adviser, stock broker or lawyer—they prefer to work with someone who truly loves their job and shows it in more ways than one. How are you showing your clients you love your career? What does your career say about you? How have you developed your niche in the business?

Share your story today online! Be part of the movement about telling others what makes real estate such a great profession! Illinois REALTORS® are already sharing their stories along with REALTORS® across the country. Submit your brief reason and you will be mailed an “I LOVE being a REALTOR®” magnetic pin from NAR. Your entry may be chosen to be featured in NAR marketing materials. NAR has plans for the site to remain open through 2010.

5 thoughts on “What do you love about being a REALTOR®?

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  2. Why I love being a Realtor? Well that is a good question that is asked by my friends and people I meet everyday, I think this career is scary for most so they are curious on why I do it. I love being a Realtor because it challenges me – although sometimes you work hard and put forth every effort you get nothing in return, other times you work hard and find that right home, or sell a home for a seller and it just feels great to allow a family to have a home, or to move on to the next chapter. I also love Real Estate because it allows me the flexibility to be there for my family, be at my children’s school functions and stay home with them when they are sick. I work for a great office-Century 21 with great agents and that makes this job something to LOVE!

  3. I really love being a Realtor for many reasons. I think the most important reason is the joy in helping buyers find the perfect home. I work with many first time buyers and I enjoy explaining the buying process, looking for homes with them, finding the perfect home and best of all is sharing their happiness at closing! Many of my clients have turned into good friends. We stay in touch over the years and it makes me so happy to hear how their life progresses from getting married, starting a family, etc.

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