My Experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

7" Galaxy TabThe Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch Android-based tablet computer which, at the moment, is a direct competitor to the Apple iPad. Yes, iPad has a head start on all the tabs and is sleek and sexy, but I’m here to say do not write off the Galaxy Tab just yet!

As I listened to a speaker talking about mobile devices at the recent ASAE Technology Conference, it got me excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead!

As soon as the session ended I slipped the Galaxy into my back pocket and headed down the hall to my next motivational session. I don’t care how baggy your pants are, you can’t do that with an iPad! Next, I opened the Evernote note-taking, app. I prefer to hold the tab so I can type with my thumbs; the full keyboard is still a little odd for me (see picture below).

Galaxy Tab

I used the factory-installed Media Hub app to rent and download “Robin Hood,” which is a great movie by the way, and had a nice evening watching a high definition movie in my hotel room.  At the conference I used the front facing camera to video chat with my family and read the news through one of many news apps.  Of course I checked my e-mail and sent a few text messages too.

There are so many ways to integrate this device into your daily routine I cannot possibly cover them all here. The fact is you have to ask yourself what you need the device for.  I wrote this entire blog post on the Galaxy but a full-size keyboard docking station is available as well!

I am using the Verizon Galaxy Tab with a 3G data connection but even if you don’t have the data plan you can still connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Keyboard Docking Station

Here are some apps I enjoy on the Android-based Galaxy Tab (not all are free and most can be found on the iPad as well):

  • Mint (finance app)
  • Google Reader (RSS feed reader)
  • Dropbox (access to files stored on the cloud)
  • QTip (tip calculator)
  • The Weather Channel
  • Maps
  • Navigation
  • Scan2PDF (scans paper into a PDF file)
  • Evernote
  • LogMeln (Remote desktop control)
  • Camera/video (works great!)
  • Facebook

For more Samsung Galaxy Tab information visit Samsung

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6 thoughts on “My Experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. Great article Matt. Thanks. What are your thoughts on battery life? Can you configure more than one Microsoft Exchange account? And here is the big question… does Verizon’s plan allow for unlimited data?

  2. I’m happy with the battery life. With regular internet surfing and reading some Email I get about two and a half days. Watching movies, of course, will drain it fast but still not too bad! Good question on the Exchange account. I’m a Google man and I have three Google accounts tied to it. As far as data usage with Verizon, I subscribe to the 1GB per month plan for $20. Since I have so much access to WiFi (home and work) I don’t need to subscribe to anything more. The other data options are as follows: 3GB-$35, 5GB-$50 10GB-$80. Thanks Steve! It’s always a pleasure!

  3. Nice article Matt! I bought an iPad in October a few weeks before the Samsung Tab came out. I almost waited so I could compare but a very big part of the appeal of the iPad was listing presentations and having clients sign docs on the tab itself. I felt 9.7 inches was good and was concerned about the 7 inch tabs coming out.

    In the end it is like a 12 inch laptop vs a 16 inch laptop. If mobility is your highest priority then the Samsung Tab is a great option. Samsung itself has done a wonderful job in the past year with its mobile technology and I’m a fan.

    Regarding apps…you forgot Very cool app that was built for phones but translates nicely to Tabs. I would imagine a Tab version of app is on the way…I hope.

  4. You know, after I bought the Galaxy some depression set in. I started thinking the iPad had the size just right. UNTIL I was at the conference and it hit me. The 7″ was perfect when I was in a session and didn’t have a table to set it on and type.

    I think if I were using it at home while sitting in my recliner I might want a larger screen but for mobility it really was a great size. I could go either way, honestly! Thanks Mike!

  5. Certainly the iPad was out first but many great inventions stemmed from someone else’s idea! iPad is a great tool, don’t get me wrong. The iPad OS is very slick!!!! For me personally (a geek) I like a more open system like Android though. I think a great follow up to this Android post would be an iPad post. If you care to write one please let us know! Also, we’re going to see MANY “tab’s” come out this year, that should be exciting! Competition will keep Apple making better and better products! Thanks Brad!

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