I passed the proficiency exam…can I get my new business cards?

As we are moving forward into the transition period for Illinois real estate licensees—and some of you are actually attempting the proficiency exam to complete your transition requirements—the next phase of questioning has surfaced. That is, “So I have passed the proficiency exam, does that mean I’m a broker or managing broker now?”  and  “Can I have my new business cards printed?”

I will say that I am amazed at the flurry of activity so early in the transition period which technically does not begin until April 30, 2011. But since the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) allowed pre-license providers to start offering the proficiency exam in January, it is evident that many licensees are curious and anxious about getting it done and out of the way.

So if you are one of the anxious ones who have completed the proficiency, or are signed up to do so, here are some quick tips for you and your fellow licensees about what happens after you complete your requirements.

  • Once you take the exam, you will be notified by your school whether or not you passed. Your school receives the results directly from Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP).
  • Results are posted to the pre-license provider in approximately 2-3 weeks.
  • If you pass, you will receive a certificate from the school and those records will be electronically submitted to IDFPR for their records.
  • You do not immediately receive a broker or managing broker license after you pass the exam. You will be sent transition information much like you do at license renewal time from IDFPR about how to transition.

The transition fees are required by IDFPR to print your new license. The fee for transition to the new broker category is $125 and to transition to the new managing broker category is $150. Those fees and transition requirements must be met prior to 4/30/12. For the broker license category, the renewal is also required by 4/30/12 and that fee is $150. So, if you are a broker and wait until 4/30/12 to transition and renew, you will pay $125 to transition and $150 to renew your license for another two years. The managing broker licensee will pay the $150 to transition by 4/30/12 and their new renewal date will be 4/30/13 (subject to rules) at which time they will pay $200 to renew their license for another two years.

Now about those business cards…

If you have successfully completed your transition requirement you could definitely get in touch with your printer, but you may want to pay your transition fee to IDFPR before you start using them!

As always, if you have questions or concerns, let the Education Staff at the Illinois Association of REALTORS® be your Transition Guide! Write to me at celliott@iar.org and visit www.IARlicenselaw.org for the latest updates and checklists.

14 thoughts on “I passed the proficiency exam…can I get my new business cards?

  1. Your answer regarding Salespersons moving to Brokers (non-managing) is not clear. You mention a transition fee of $125. For this category is there also a license fee to be paid by 4/30/2012? If so, how much will that be? If there are 2 separate fees, is there an advantage to paying the transition fee in 2011. Also, is the transition fee for this category of $125 to be paid as soon as you pass your proficiency test, or is it only due by the April 30, 2012 renewal deadline?

    Thank you,

  2. This is the first I’ve heard about current Brokers having to pay a fee to transition to a new Broker license, plus pay a renewal fee. We understood that the Managing Broker would pay a fee to transition from the old Broker license to the new Managing Broker license, but not that a person who holds a ‘plain’ Broker license now and is not transitioning to a Managing Broker License, will have to pay a transition fee, as well as a renewal fee.

  3. Where on the IDFPR site can I find the letter stating that my real estate license does not expire 4/30/11 but is extened to 4/30/12.? I need this to show my asset managers for REO listings. I have been looking all over the web site, but can’t find it.

  4. I was informed that I pass the transition Test but It has been over 3 weeks and I did not receive any written notice.
    Please help

  5. Hey everyone….thanks for the comments and questions! If you had a specific question, I will email you directly.

  6. What is the procedure for coverting from Salesperson to Managing Broker license?

    Option 1 complete the proficiency exam and complete 12-hour Broker Management classroom on or before 4/31/2013/

    Option 2. Complete 45 hour course and pass plus do 9 hrs core & 9 elective CE ?

  7. I have the same question as Ellen. Are there 2 fees associated with transitioning to a Broker, a transition fee and also a license fee?

  8. hello and good day! i have a few questions please : 1) when will i receive this transition information from idfpr to move forward with the broker license? it has been over 4 weeks since i passed the broker test. 2) you state there is an additional fee of $125 ~ is this additional to the cost of taking the test? 3) do you also have to take continuing ed ~ if so. how many total hours? and also an additional cost for that? thank you for your help!

  9. You are doing a fantastic job Carrie and company. I am wondering about the new Pre-license classes. How and where will I get information on the 90 hour pre-license course (30 hour post-license)?

    Did I hear that the 30 hr and 45 hr courses for those not choosing to proficiency would be available in June? Will instructors be contacted?

    thank you,

  10. $125? nothing but a money grab – just like the new law… The new Law sure put Big Money into allot of Pockets… I feel like a UNION MEMBER… not a Realtor…

  11. I agree with Brad – this is a money grab that we are all caught in and a very unfair, unjustified one, in my opinion. How confusing is this for the general public to call anyone who sells real estate a ‘broker’? I worked for a well known office for 2 yrs. as a Salesperson and I have been a Broker/Owner for 9 years and run a ‘tight ship’, making my agents ‘go by the book’. I get ridiculed by other offices that I am making too much of things when I follow license law like I do, but that is my way and I want things to be in order. BUT, I have to now take a class and test to make me ‘qualified’ to do what I’ve been doing for 9 years! Why did we all not get some kind of say in this whole change of things? Who thought this through for all of us? What is the explanation that is justified for these transitions? AND when someone holding a ‘brokers’ license that is NOT a managing broker/owner already – gets off the hook? What’s up with that? I know ppl who hold this license who are part timers, that know just enough about real estate to be dangerous and they don’t have to do anything? On the other hand I personally know salespersons who do a VERY good job, who didn’t pass the proficiency test because it had questions on it that were NOT taught in class or in the books they read for preparation. So, we are back to: its not about training ppl right, it’s game plays to get more money. Who do we have to stand up for us, like Brad said, ‘union member’… but not really when we have no one looking out for us! How can we fight back? Very disappointed with it all and with our government.

  12. Passed my transition test, have all my CE and ready to get the Broker title. Is renewal available yet? I need new business cards!

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