A little reminder re: phone etiquette

Telephone imageRecently I made some phone calls to various real estate companies throughout the state attempting to contact an agent in the office. The majority of the calls were handled very professionally, however I was surprised at some of the responses on the other end of the line. Without knowing who I was or the purpose of my call I heard things like…  “They haven’t come in the office YET.  I think they are at a doctor’s appointment. You probably can catch them at home as she had to take care of her grandchildren this morning.”

Whomever is answering calls at your office whether by employees or other agents, they should all be trained to simply state “I am sorry but they are out on appointments, may I give you their cell phone number OR can I connect you with their voice mail.” We need to portray the fact that our agents are busy, successful professionals. The consumer or other agents do not need details of their personal life, nor do many of them care that we have one.  That same thought process should be applied to our own responses when we have personal appointments or vacations scheduled.  A simple response such as “I am sorry but I have another appointment at that time, would Monday at 3 p.m. or Tuesday at 9 a.m. work for you?” may provide you the opportunity to have a personal and professional life!

4 thoughts on “A little reminder re: phone etiquette

  1. Sheryl –

    Great comments. I recall many years ago when I was selling real estate, I made that mistake. My client was unrelated “family” whom I knew pretty well. She wanted to see a house on Wednesday and I mentioned I had a golf outing thatday so I couldn’t. She made the appointment for Saturday but blew me off and never returned my calls. I learned my lesson.

  2. Great reminder-thanks. Actually there should be a brush-up course in etiquette for all real estate agents also!

  3. Hi Sheryl,
    Thank you for bringing this VERY important topic up again. I coach many real estate agents and their office teams on this very subject. We have to ask as if and go as though! Like your articles states the prospect does not care about “the agents” personal status, they just want their needs met or someone else will fulfill them. This is a major problem with many offices and offering “Client Attraction” strategies and coaching to all members of the office is key in capturing the next prospect and keeping them long term clients. Client Attraction is not just marketing…it has so much to do with the first person that prospect comes into contact with. This plants the seeds of prosperity and trust, it opens the door for future conversations for the agent and the prospect to feel comfortable and safe.

    Great article and thank you again for refreshing this topic!
    Keep Inspired,
    Dawn Hogan, CLBC, LIREI

  4. Sheryl…..When I read this I almost laughed out loud…….Your statement of “THEY AREN’T IN THE OFFICE YET” is one of my pet peeves and I have corrected many staff members over the years using that phrase…..going a little further and saying to them ….the picture I automatically get in my head is “They are still in bed at home” –which in many cases isn’t probably true – Great article and I have shared it with our staff here at the office.


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