Poll shows Illinois residents overwhelmingly aspire to home ownership

Is the American Dream of home ownership dead?

Just completed research presented to the Illinois Association of REALTORS® shows that just the opposite is true. A survey conducted earlier this month with IAR’s partner, Strategic Guidance Systems, gauged how Illinois residents perceive the housing market from a lifestyle and economic standpoint.

Among the findings presented at the Illinois Association of REALTORS® Public Policy meetings in East Peoria, Ill.:

  • 82 percent said owning a home was part of the American Dream.
  • 75 percent of respondents said owning a home is a safer investment than putting money in the stock market.
  • 61 percent of those responding said it was better to own a home as opposed to renting.
  • 48 percent of those responding say having a house is a major benefit for long-term investment for the future.

“Home ownership does remain a fundamental part of the American Dream,” said Dan Ball, a consultant with Strategic Guidance Systems.

The results can be seen here: SGS-IL-IAR-11-HomeownershipBenchmark-freqs

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3 thoughts on “Poll shows Illinois residents overwhelmingly aspire to home ownership

  1. I have two sons who have recently graduated from college. My oldest son’s starting salary at his first job was $24 an hour. He’s been working 2 and half years. His salary is now $26.50. He bought a foreclosed condo a year ago and he is now considering renting the condo and buying a foreclosed house.
    My other son graduated from college last May and was not able to find a job in the field he studied. He is currently working 30 hours a week making $10 an hour. I’m not sure what his future holds for him. Without a good paying job his chances of owning a home is not good. There are many men and women that don’t have the educational background that my sons have. The job crisis that we are experiencing is now affecting the educated. The educated person is now experiencing the hardship and challenges that uneducated people have experienced for years. I want my son and his friends to be able to buy a house someday, but if housing prices go up and the job opportunities are not available to them their chances are not good for ever owning property.

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