Get smart about SmartMove

If you are a first-time buyer, a veteran or are looking to buy a home in designated target areas of Illinois, you may qualify for SmartMove, a mortgage and down payment/closing cost assistance program from the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA).

SmartMove offers mortgage loans with affordable rates and up to $6,000 for down payment and closing costs assistance as a 10-year zero percent forgivable loan to qualifying borrowers. Learn more about SmartMove in this video and find additional details about program qualifications at  Have a specific question about SmartMove? Send them to

One thought on “Get smart about SmartMove

  1. According to US Bank who is the servicer of these loans, they were told today that the 5% is no longer available which is news to them and they have received nothign to state the change. Even IHDA’s site still states 5% is available. However the person at IHDA told my LO from US Bank, that that is “outdated information”.

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