Joliet-area REALTORS® on the front lines of issues affecting the real estate business

Did you know there are groups of Illinois REALTORS® serving as watchdogs for homeowners and issues affecting the real estate business located all over the state? In this case we’re shining some light on the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® Governmental Affairs Committee. This group meets monthly. Among the topics from the June meeting:
  • Federal issues including the recent 60-day extension of the National Flood Insurance Program, what the changes mean for homeowners (and buyers and sellers) in flood plains and the potential impact on non-primary residences.
  • An initiative of the Illinois Association of REALTORS® (IAR) to redefine the USDA Rural Development Housing program and its impact in nearby Morris, Illinois. The Three Rivers Association has sent a letter to Congressman Adam Kinzinger asking for a more accurate definition as to what communities qualify under this program.
  • State issues recap of action by the recently adjourned Illinois General Assembly, including an expedited foreclosure process addressed by two bills (Senate Bills 16 and 2535) that ultimately saw no action.
  • IAR’s effective work to stop House Bill 506 related to erroneous homestead exemptions.
  • A county/local issue heating up, the ongoing Will County zoning ordinance rewrite. Three Rivers member REALTORS®  and the IAR local Government Affairs Director (GAD) are stakeholder participants in this proactive effort to be sure the rights of private property owners are respected.
  • A recent win for REALTORS® and the RVOICE advocacy program took place in the Village of Minooka. The Village has agreed to amend its ordinance and exclude any inspections of residential property that may be vacant and or foreclosed. Only registration will be required but there will be NO FEE attached.
In the photo, left to right: REALTORS® Judy Panozzo, Leo Koulouris, Linda Shafer, Rita Liberatore, Three Rivers Association Executive David McClintock, REALTORS® Kitty Vancina and Karen Robertson, IAR local Government Affairs Director (GAD) Tom Joseph, and Committee Chairman REALTOR® Jim Sim.

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About Tom Joseph

Tom Joseph is the Illinois Association of REALTORS® local Government Affairs Director (GAD) representing the Kankakee-Iroquois-Ford, Mainsteet Organization and Three Rivers Associations of REALTORS®.

One thought on “Joliet-area REALTORS® on the front lines of issues affecting the real estate business

  1. It is such a pleasure to be on this committee. I so respect the committee members for their wealth of knowledge and devotion to the real estate industry. Tom Joseph does an amazing job of keeping up on all the issues in our large market place….don’t know how he keeps up! With every city, village and community digging deep for dollars, we need to fight even harder to protect property rights. I know a committee just like this works equally hard all across the state of Illinois and all across this nation. Makes me feel proud to be a Realtor!

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