Census offers snapshot of nation’s housing picture

Ever wonder what the median size of a single-family home or mobile home unit is in the U.S.? How about the average cost of a kitchen remodel or how many bedrooms are the norm?

You’ll find those answers and more in the American Housing Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The searchable survey covers everything from housing features and amenities to safety features and household socio-economic characteristics.

Learn more about the survey in a census news release and search the survey.

Here are a few highlights from the survey:

  • Most homes (64 percent) have three or more bedrooms and more than half (52 percent) have two or more bathrooms.
  • Of homeowners who made a home improvement in the last two years, 35 percent replaced or added an appliance or other major equipment; 19 percent replaced or added plumbing fixtures; and 17 percent replaced or added a heating or air-conditioning system.
  • The cost of an average kitchen remodel was $5,000 while the average bathroom remodel was $2,432. Renovations or additions ran higher.(Source: U.S. Census Bureau and HUD)

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