More than 2,700 Illinois REALTORS® answer fire sprinkler call to action. Have you?

The Illinois Association of REALTORS® issued a call to action two weeks ago to let policymakers know that a proposed Life Safety Code overhaul would be bad for business and residents of the state.

To date, more than 2,700 people have taken part in the effort, as pressure builds on officials to quash this effort at infringing on property rights.

One of those responding was Jayme Ahlden, a REALTOR® in Champaign.

“Although I believe that fire sprinkler mandates are generally well-intentioned, mandating fire sprinklers in residential construction would raise housing costs significantly and limit potential homebuyers. I believe homebuyers should have the option to make their own decisions regarding sprinkler systems.

As a REALTOR®, it is important to be an advocate for homeowners’ rights. I stand against any mandate that would be burdensome to homebuyers.” 


If you haven’t done your part to send a message to policymakers, there’s still time. Click here to take part.


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