Read how the FHFA’s loan policy is unfair to Chicago home buyers

Buy a home in some markets and you can get more money via a federally backed mortgage.

But if you live in Chicago, you may have to settle for less in the way of a federally-backed mortgage due to a policy by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

That’s because the ceiling for the government-backed loans in markets with more expensive housing is just $417,000 in Chicago, while it may be $200,000 more in other markets. It all comes down to how the federal agency calculates the cost of housing, a method that puts Chicago-area buyers at a disadvantage..

Crain’s Chicago Business noted efforts by U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley to try and get the problem resolved. He’s pushing the FHFA to make changes in the name of fairness.

Said Chicago Association of REALTORS® President Matthew Farrell in the Crain’s article:

Matthew Farrell, 2014 President, Chicago Association of REALTORS®

“The reality is it’s a fairness thing. Why is it if I move to L.A. and I have my same income and my same credit score, I can get a loan that’s worth $200,000 more?”

This isn’t the first time efforts have been made to get the policy changed. A similar measure failed to gain traction in 2012.



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