Why your real estate Facebook posts fail (and what you can do about it)

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Illinois REALTORS® can demonstrate their value to clients by effectively using social media, says an article on Inman.com.

The article, “Why people are ignoring real estate agents on social media,” offers suggestions for real estate professionals to use – for example – on Facebook pages and Pinterest boards:

  1. Use do-it-yourself ideas, organizational advice, recipes and self-improvement tips.
  2. Maintain an 80/20 ratio of stories (80 percent valuable to clients and 20 percent about the professionals’ activities and services).

The author states these suggestions are important for two reasons. First, research shows that food home and lifestyle subjects account for about 85 percent of shared information on social media. Second, research indicates that even though real estate pros frequently share information and use photos online, they fail to engage with customers (“Despite the highest frequency of posting, the real estate industry had the lowest engagement rate,” and “Seventy percent of real estate clients forget their agents after only a year.”)

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