REALTORS® notice deadline for SB 1380 extended to July 31

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For the second time in about a month, the Illinois House has extended the deadline for consideration of Senate Bill 1380. This time, the deadline is July 31.

According to today’s IAR State Capitol Report, the bill amends two sections of the Municipal Code primarily dealing with the lien that a municipality files for costs incurred for removing weeds/grass, trees/bushes, pests, garbage, debris and graffiti. It seeks to make a change to allow municipalities to skip foreclosure proceedings on the lien on the offending property and obtain a judgment lien against all real estate of the owner.

IAR has opposed the bill throughout the spring session of the General Assembly because it does not believe it should be easier to create impairments on the rights of property owners on non-offending properties.  The bill was narrowly approved in the Senate only after a parliamentary procedure allowed a second vote following an initial defeat. In late May, the deadline was extended to June 30.

In addition, find out what the State Capitol Report says about legislation concerning:

  • state budget bills rejected and signed by Gov. Bruce Rauner;
  • township water and sewer rates;
  • property tax caps; and
  • a statewide advertising tax.

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