Last day to submit your photo for January magazine cover


Simulated version of January 2016 cover

IAR members have until the end of the day Thursday (Oct. 15) to submit portraits for the January 2016 collage cover of Illinois REALTOR®, celebrating the association’s 100th anniversary.

If you haven’t submitted your photo yet, please send it to

Photos should show your head and shoulders and each digital file should be 50 KB or larger. Images should not be enlarged or enhanced. Please label each photo in the following format: Lastname_Firstname_F2015_Nameoflocalassociation (i.e. Washington_George_F2015_Capital AreaREALTORS®).

Local associations can submit photos on behalf of board members, but individuals may send them too.

Through 2 p.m. today, more than 500 photos have been received by the IAR Communications staff

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