Xplode: Client connections made easy

Lyndee Fein, Mike Drews and Gideon Blustein.

Maintaining a connection to former clients can be a daunting and time-consuming task but Jim Marks, President of Virtual Results, told attendees at Wednesday’s Xplode Conference in Hoffman Estates that using Facebook lists is his secret weapon.

Why Facebook lists?

Email may go unread or unopened. Phone calls may not be answered or returned. But “100 percent of the time, you will read the comments people make on your Facebook post,” Marks says. Anyone can use this technique to “ensure that every single person that you have a meaningful real estate conversation with will stay in your sphere.”

Keep yourself and your business fresh in client’s minds

Marks’ suggestions include:

  1. Add the people in your sphere to a Facebook list.
  2. Choose a regular time of day when you can devote 20-30 minutes to getting in touch with clients.
  3. Click to select the Facebook list you created in order to filter your news feed. When you do this, Facebook will only show updates from the people in the list you have selected.
  4. Leave a genuine comment or simply “like” the photos and updates of people in your sphere.


Many times, he says, people will respond to the comment. At the very least, they will know you care, and they are more likely to remember you when they – or their friends – need a REALTOR®.

This year’s Xplode Conference was sponsored by the Illinois Association of REALTORS® and the Mainstreet Association of REALTORS®. This is the first in a series of stories about the conference.

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