Xplode 4: Is your website holding you back?


Eric Stegemann, Director of Strategy at Tribus Group, put volunteers’ websites through the “website shredder” at the Xplode Conference.

Eric Stegemann

Eric Stegemann

Here are some nuggets of wisdom from that event:

  • Avoid using stock photography on your website. Take down the generic smiling homeowners who also appear on all your competitors’ websites. Take your own pictures.
  • Keep your website’s home page simple and clean. Too many scrolling visuals distract users from what you want them to think about and do.
  • Put your testimonials up front! Ask your clients for feedback, take a photo and request their permission to publish it on your website.
  • Place your phone number on every page. Most serious buyers will call. Make it easy by posting your phone number on every page.
  • Include a contact form on the main page. Capture email leads right away when someone visits your site.
  • Make your property listings the most prominent link.
  • Install a chat feature.
  • Follow up on leads within 48 hours.

The Xplode Conference in Hoffman Estates was sponsored by the Illinois Association of REALTORS® and Mainstreet Association of REALTORS®. This is the fourth in a series of blog posts about the Xplode Conference. See the first, second and third stories.

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