Brookfield changes home inspection ordinance for resale

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The resale of Brookfield single-family homes and multi-unit homes with three units or less is exempt from the village inspection process due to a new requirement for private home inspections and certification, says Tom Joseph, local IAR Government Affairs Director.

“We consider this a very unique and different process,” Joseph says. “The village had required a ‘point-of-sale’ inspection but is now relinquishing this requirement and RVOICE helped assure a more equitable process. In this new process, the village is not requiring private inspection reports to be filed with the village or attempting to hold up sales. The board just wants it documented that PRIVATE home inspections take place.”

Tom Joseph

Tom Joseph

According to Brookfield’s amended ordinance, private home inspectors must certify that sellers’ properties have been inspected according to Illinois licensing standards as well as those set by either the American Society of Home Inspectors or the National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc. Inspectors fill out the Resale Certification of Compliance form and share written private inspection reports with purchasers. Joseph says the reports are not required to be shared with the village.

To comply with the amended ordinance, the sellers must certify that a private home inspection was completed with the village, says Joseph, who is happy that Brookfield no longer is performing point of sale inspections in these circumstances. “We have dozens of local governments that conduct local home inspections, and they often lead to buyers walking away from purchases,” he says.

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