Three Rivers members partner with Joliet and community organizations to promote home ownership

Karen Robertson, TRAR immediate past president, thanked Alfredo Melesio, Joliet’s director of neighborhood services, for explaining the city’s down payment assistance program.

The Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® (TRAR) hosted a luncheon Feb. 11 for members to learn more about the City of Joliet’s down payment assistance program and an April 9 Housing Expo for renters and commuters in the Joliet area.

Alfredo Melesio, Joliet’s director of neighborhood services, introduced the program and explained some of the ways they plan to reach out to potential home  buyers. He then introduced Marla Youngblood and Patricia Venziano from the Will County Center for Community Concerns, the not-for-profit organization managing the down payment assistance program.

Youngblood and Venziano provided an overview of qualifications, available funding and the criteria that must be met for transactions. Local Government Affairs Director Gideon Blustein discussed the housing expo and the city-wide open house that will target Joliet renters and workers who commute into Joliet. TRAR members were enthusiastic to introduce the down payment assistance program to their clients and excited to help make the housing expo a great success.

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