Monday deadlines for ‘early voting,’ ‘curbside voting’ or ‘vote by mail’ applications

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Illinois REALTORS® who want to participate in the General Primary but will not be able to vote on Tuesday, can visit the office of their local election authority through Monday for “early voting,” “curbside voting” or “vote by mail” options.

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, “early voting” is allowed at the office of the election authority or at a location established by the authority. If the location for early voting is considered “permanent,” the available hours must be identical to the available hours on election day. If the location is temporary, the hours can be different.

Monday is also the last day for any temporarily or permanently physically disabled voter to request “curbside voting,” according to ISBE. With this request, two election judges of opposite party affiliations deliver a ballot to the point where a voter is unable to continue forward motion toward the polling place.

As for the “vote by mail” option, Monday is the last day registered voters can apply in person at the election authority or to an approved local official for a “vote by mail” ballot, according to ISBE.

Illinois voters can visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website to look up the location for their polling place or registration site. All that’s needed are: first name, last name and ZIP code.


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