Six Senate bills highlighted in today’s IAR State Capitol Report

Illinois State Capitol Building Interior

An IAR initiative was advanced to the full Senate this week, according to IAR’s State Capitol Report.

Senate Bill 2893 ensures that Illinois real estate licensees can continue to take CE exams for more than 6 hours of CE in one day (such as with the 12-hour broker-management course). The current law stating that no more than 6 hours of CE could be “taken or earned” in one day could have been interpreted to allow the taking of 6 hours’ worth of testing in one day. SB 2893 deletes the “or earned” language.

Members can login and read about Senate Bill 2893, one of six bills mentioned in the e-newsletter, and how it was passed by Senate Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee this week. The change was initiated by IAR and supported by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Get updates on the following bills too:

  • Senate Bill 2837 (smoke detectors);
  • Senate Bill 3323 (proposed state tax lien registry);
  • Senate Bill 3314 (natural disaster homestead exemption);
  • Senate Bill 2833 and Senate Bill 2767 (administrative adjudication law in Cook and other collar counties).

The House was not in session. The General Assembly is on spring recess until April 4.

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