April issue: Roots of local GAD program traced to late 70s

April 2016 Illinois REALTOR coverIn 1978, the average cost of gas was 63 cents, the average American home cost almost $58,000, the year-end interest rate from the Federal Reserve was 11.75 percent and the IAR local Governmental Affairs Director program wasn’t created yet.

Find out how the GAD program began and evolved to today’s staff of 12 by reading the story, “GAD program provides protection at local level,” in the April 2016 edition of Illinois REALTOR®.

local GAD boxIt’s one of several stories in the issue that chronicle how advocacy grew in our association.  It will help Illinois REALTORS® gain a sense of how the organization has evolved since its founding in 1916.

Read the article from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or pick up the paper copy that arrived in your mailbox in late March.

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