Illinois REALTORS® get updates on 29 relevant bills in latest State Capitol Report

Illinois State Capitol Building Interior

The April 8 issue of the Illinois State Capitol Report provides an update on issues discussed at the April 5 Capitol Conference in Springfield.

The updates are provided on 29 bills that could affect Illinois REALTORS® and property owners, including one that would require homeowners and landlords to replace smoke detectors with new detectors that will last 10 years (Senate Bill 2837). Another would expand home rule powers so that 173 more municipalities would get home rule status because their populations are between 5,000 and 25,000 people (House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 38).

The Illinois REALTORS® will continue to lobby on behalf of the membership on these measures and will keep you apprised of future developments on all bills during the spring session. Find out more, and watch for future issues of the Illinois State Capitol Report.

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