July edition of Illinois REALTOR® is on the way!

July IL REALTOR coverThe July issue of Illinois REALTOR® should arrive in your mailbox this week, and with it will be photos and stories that celebrate the history of our support for professional development of our members.

Photos of past events will take you back in time to days when tools of the trade did not include computers or smartphones. See the digital version now.

The cover story “Advances in Professional Development,” recaps our association’s support of real estate instruction legislation in 1973, and the establishment of the Illinois REALTORS® Licensing and Training Center 25 years ago.

You’ll also see a story about the history of the Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation (REEF) and the scholarships offered through it.

Another story explains the development of our association’s Code of Ethics.

“Legal Services team uses Hotline, Helpline and more to reach members,” provides a historical perspective on our Legal Services team, too.

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