Send in your patriotic REALTOR® photos!

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Illinois REALTORS® love the American flag and the freedoms it represents, so submit the patriotic photos you take during June for our “REALTORS® Love Red, White and Blue” photo galleries on this blog!

From now through June 30, members can submit selfies in front of American flags, pose for pictures in costume, decorate their businesses in red, white and blue or find historic or patriotic settings for a holiday celebration photos. Individual REALTORS®, couples and groups are invited to send photos to:

Include the first and last names of members in the photographs you submit, along with the location and the date.

Will your photos evoke memories of something historic, festive, family-oriented or sports related? If you love America, your community and this time of year, make sure you send in a photo to the “REALTORS® Love Red, White and Blue” campaign in the coming weeks!


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