Updated State Legislation Tracking Report provides summaries on nearly 200 bills

Illinois REALTORS® can login and check the latest version of the 2016 State Legislation Tracking Report (Members only) for the latest information on nearly 200 bills considered by the Illinois General Assembly since January.

The Illinois REALTORS® Governmental Affairs team has divided up the bills into six categories so that it’s easier for you to find what you need. If the report indicates bills are “inactive,” they typically won’t be acted upon again. If the report indicates “passed” by both chambers, the bills are sent to Gov. Bruce Rauner for consideration. He has until August to decide.

The tracking report will be updated if any activity occurs on any of these bills throughout the summer months. Should any new or renewed activity occur at the State Capitol, the Governmental Affairs team will publish that news in the State Capitol Report. More information will also be provided at the Public Policy & Government Affairs Member Involvement Group meeting on June 21, in conjunction with the Illinois REALTORS® June Business Meetings, June 20-22, 2016 in Springfield.


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