It all begins today: Illinois REALTORS® taking part in the GOP convention

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Illinois REALTORS®’ delegation began arriving in Cleveland on Sunday, kicking off what will be two weeks beginning today of a high-profile presence at party nominating conventions.

Podium at the Illinois Breakfast at the Republican National Convention. Photo: Mike Drews

Podium at the Illinois Breakfast at the Republican National Convention. Photo: Mike Drews

The association sends delegations to the Democratic and Republican conventions, and members will attend Illinois REALTOR®-sponsored functions at both.

The association is bipartisan in nature, and it is practice to make sure there is representation at both conventions each presidential election cycle.

The Cleveland Republican Convention kicks off today, and will run through the week as delegates meet on the presumptive candidate, Donald Trump. Next week, the Democratic Convention will be in Philadelphia as delegates vote on their presumptive candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The conventions give Illinois REALTORS®’ members a chance to meet face-to-face with top policymakers in an informal setting.

As the association’s Director of Government Affairs Greg St. Aubin notes, the meetings in Philadelphia and Cleveland are a natural extension of the groundwork lobbyists do in Springfield.

Illinois REALTOR®’s blog will have updates throughout the week from the delegations.

Update: Illinois REALTORS® President Mike Drews says members of the association’s delegation have received passes which will place them in seats in the arena where the main events are being held, beginning this afternoon.

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