Important dates for Illinois REALTORS® as November elections approach

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From now through mid-November, Illinois REALTORS® need to remember these dates so they can fully participate in local, state and federal elections.

July 18-21 – Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

July 25-28 – Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pa.

The following information is from the Illinois State Board of Elections:

Aug. 10 – First day for registered voters to request vote by mail applications.

Sept. 29 – First day for early voting at the office of the election authority and temporary locations.

Oct. 11 

VOTE - Make the REALTOR Voice Heard– The last day for regular registration or transfer of registration within the offices of the election authority.  Grace period registration and voting available after this date.

– The first day registered Illinois voters who have moved outside their precinct within 30 days prior to a presidential election may apply to the election authority for vote by mail ballots (president and vice president only).

– Last day unregistered citizens temporarily living outside the U.S. can simultaneously apply for vote by mail registration and vote by mail ballots. (Registration is not required for those who request ballots for federal offices only.)

Oct. 24 – First day for early voting at permanent polling places other than the office of the election authority. These polling places are to be open holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Oct. 25 – First day qualified voters who are admitted to hospitals, nursing homes or rehabilitation centers not more than 14 days before an election can apply for vote by mail ballots.

Oct. 31 – Last day for members of the United States Service and family members and non-resident civilians to request vote by mail ballots.

Nov. 3

– Last day for registered voters in the U.S.  to apply for vote by mail ballots.

– Last day for physically incapacitated voters to apply to vote in person at a federally operated veteran’s homes, hospitals or facilities of residence. Voting will take place on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday before the general election.

Nov. 7

– Last day for nursing home voting, early voting at office of election authority

– Last day physically disabled voters can request curbside voting.

– Last day registered voters can request vote by mail ballots in person.

– Last day registered voters who have moved outside a precinct within 30 days can request vote by mail ballots for presidential elections only.

Nov. 8 – General elections and last day of grace period registration and voting.

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