At a glance: Poll shows seniors worried about property taxes

Senior Survey Graphic IIllinois reportedly has the highest property taxes in the nation, and the state’s seniors are understandably worried about the squeeze that puts on their ability to maintain a good quality of quality of life, a poll commissioned by Illinois REALTORS® found.

Illinois REALTORS created a infographic that has the highlights of the survey. Download it here.

Sixty-six percent of seniors surveyed in April said paying property taxes was a top concern. The survey of 600 people age 55 and older was commissioned by Illinois REALTORS® Senior Housing Working Group. It found that worries over property taxes outpaced concerns over saving for retirement and paying for groceries and food.

The survey was among a package of materials that the Working Group generated. A brochure was produced giving an overview of what resources were available for municipalities looking to make their communities senior-friendly, and a toolkit was created which give practical examples of policy initiatives nationwide which help improve the quality of life for seniors. You can find all the resources here.


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