Hampton: ‘REALTORS® are at center of the community’

REALTOR Maurice Hampton shows his face painting talent. (Jack Lane photo)

REALTOR Maurice Hampton shows his face painting talent. (Jack Lane photo)

Whether he’s mentoring at the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, reading books to elementary school students or helping high school juniors and seniors prepare for future jobs, Chicago REALTOR® Maurice Hampton says he’s merely sharing the lessons his
parents, grandparents and great grandparents taught him by their examples.

“They shaped who I am today,” says Hampton, managing broker and chief executive officer of Centered International Realty in Chicago. “My family ingrained in me the idea of getting involved in the community. They didn’t want me to stand on the sidelines. They told me to get involved where my talents could be used effectively. They had a level of wisdom and gentleness. I learned from their actions.”

Hampton gets plenty of help opening a box. (Jack Lane photo)

Hampton gets plenty of help opening a box. (Jack Lane photo)

As a mentor to students at the Boys and Girls Clubs, Hampton gets to know students at planned activities such as carnivals and special events. With the monthly Real Men Read program, he has been matched with a Chicago elementary school classroom, reading age-appropriate books to students and leading follow-up discussions. With the job readiness and business etiquette program, groups of high school juniors and seniors get together at his office, learn about manners and common business practices, and hone their communication skills. They finish the program with a business lunch at a nice restaurant, putting all that they learned into practice.

Hampton, who is a member of the board of directors for the Chicago Association of REALTORS®, is very proud of his profession and the different ways colleagues get involved in their communities. He says: “The general public thinks we all make a ton of money but the work of a REALTOR® never ends. We make donations, we contribute to ad books and fundraisers, sponsor sports teams and we’re foster parents. Some nights, we’re reading emails at 2 a.m. from first-time homebuyers, and we’re helping them see all the opportunities available to them. We’re at the center of what’s going on in our communities. We’re even elected officials who are working to improve our cities and towns. It is truly amazing what we do.”


Maurice Hampton

When he volunteers for Real Men Read, Hampton says he would never think about missing a day because he knows how much the students are looking forward to the lesson. He makes sure that he wears a suit and a tie to every appearance because he wants the students to learn what his grandfather taught him — to dress his best for success. “They learn that you can be cool and successful and wear church clothes, too. Sometimes it is the little things we do that make a difference.”

Hampton became a REALTOR® in 2009. He opened Centered International Realty the same year. He’s been involved with the Chicago Association of REALTORS® (CAR), Illinois REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®. He is one of eight original members of the Illinois REALTORS® Consulate General Liaison Program, as the liaison to Canada.

He lists his mentors as former CAR President Zeke Morris, former CAR Communications Director Barbara Matthopolous and current CAR President Dan Wagner.

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