Congratulations to chairs, vice chairs of Illinois REALTOR® committees

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Each year Illinois REALTORS® selects chairs and vice chairs to head the committees that shape the association’s policies and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

This year’s roster is a who’s who of REALTORS® who have volunteered to make sure the association is as relevant as possible.

“These volunteer leaders exemplify the service that REALTORS® are known for,” said 2017 President Doug Carpenter. “Our association excels because of the commitment they bring to their roles, and I am excited to work with these individuals in the year ahead.”

Carpenter, who will become president after the October business meetings, will chair the Executive Committee. Matt Difanis, who will become president-elect, will become vice chair of the Executive Committee. The pair serve in the same leadership roles on the NAR Political Advisory Working Group.

Among other appointments announced are:

Screening and Candidate Audit Working Group: Chair, Jean Crosby, a former Illinois REALTORS® president.

Nominating Committee: Chair, Phil Chiles, past Illinois REALTORS® president; vice chair, Jim Kinney, who is currently immediate past president of the association.

NAR Involvement Subcommittee: Chair, Matt Difanis.

Leadership Development Working Group: Chair, Vicky Turner; vice chair, Sarah Ware.

Strategic Planning Committee: Chair, Matt Difanis; vice chair, Dan Wagner, who is the treasurer nominee for 2017.

Bylaws Committee: Chair, Deb Campbell.

Strategic Thinkers Working Group: Chair, Doug Carpenter; vice chair, Matt Difanis.

Performance/Compensation Review Committee: Chair, Jim Kinney.

Illinois REALTORS® Plaza Inc.: Chair, Dan Wagner.

Finance Committee: Chair, Dan Wagner.

REALTOR® of the Year Committee: Chair, Chris Read.

Grievance Committee: Chair, Deb Campbell; vice chair, Eleanor Nastepniak

Professional Standards Committee: Chair, Rick Hunt; vice chair, Michael Oldenettel.

Ethics Citation Panel: Chair, Sue Miller.

Digital Communications & Technology Trends Working Group: Chair, James Votanek; vice chair, Carrie Bey-Little.

Association Executives Committee: Chair, Chris Studebaker; vice chair, Rob Wigton.

Professional Development MIG: Chair, Catherine Terpstra; vice chair, Max Mitchell.

Inaugural Banquet Working Group: Chair, Jayme Ahlden.

Conference & Expo Working Group: Chair, Sarah Seniker

Education Advisory Group: Chair, Christine Chase; vice chair, Lisa Keating.

REALTOR® Institute Working Group: Dean, Shelley Berendt; vice dean, Dale Taylor.

Public Policy/Government Affairs MIG: Chair, Ginger Sreenan; vice chair, Tim Ryan.

Political Fundraising Working Group: Chair, Michael Gross; vice chair, Jeff Gregory.

Major Investor Working Group: Chair, Sonia Anaya.

Federal Political Coordinators Working Group: Chair, Ed Neaves.

Illinois General Assembly and Statewide Independent Expenditures Committee: Chair, Andrew Cook.

Illinois Local Government Independent Expenditures Committee: Chair, Loretta Alonzo-Deubel, a former Illinois REALTORS® president.

RPAC Trustees: Chair, Chris Seniker; vice chair, Jeff Kolbus.

Commercial/Industrial/Investment Committee: Chair, Karen Kramford; vice chair, Steve Myers.

Housing Opportunity Working Group: Chair, Dale Taylor; vice chair, Zeke Morris.

Business Issues & License Law Forum: Chair, Debbie Prodehl; vice chair, Kristie BeBrun.

Community Development Resource Working Group: Chair, Max Mitchell; vice chair, Debbie Bell.

REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee: Chair, Christopher Tenggren; vice chair, Tom Krettler.

State Legislative Contacts Working Group: Chair, Nykea Pippion-McGriff; vice chair, Karen Robertson.

Young Professionals Network Advisory Group: Chair, Maurice Hampton; vice chair, Jayme Ahlden.

Global Working Group: Chair, Alex Ruggieri; vice chair, Vicky Sampah.

Senior Housing Working Group: Chair, Carrie Bey-Little.

Consulate General Liaisons: Chair, Vicky Silvano.




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