October deadline looms for ombudsman applications


If you’re undecided about joining the Illinois REALTORS® Ombudsman Program, perhaps some of the numbers in adjacent infographic will convince you to be a part of this growing and effective program.

Did you know 70 percent of complaints handled by an ombudsman during the first six months of 2016 have been resolved satisfactorily? That up from a 68 percent successful resolution rate in 2015. The rate of ombudsman requests is higher than it was last year.

Speaking of numbers, Oct. 15 is the deadline for submitting applications.

Your state association has a team of REALTORS® which acts as a first call for assistance when questions or disputes arise from real estate transactions. But more volunteers with a passion for working with the public and a knowledge of professional standards are needed.

Find out more about how the program works. Read what one member of the ombudsman team (Glen Swick of Quincy) thinks about his experiences.

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