More photos and news from the Egyptian Board of REALTORS®

In addition to emphasizing safety at Thursday’s Egyptian Board of REALTORS® general membership meeting, many past presidents were recognized for their contributions and a new board of directors was installed. This year is the local association’s 80th anniversary.

Former presidents at the meeting included: Rex Rowland, Marianne James, Ayn Bartok, Jan Mandis, Dave Thompson, Bill Schafer, Paula Hill and J. David Thompson.

The new board of directors included: President Teresa Camarato, President-Elect Suzanne Wood, Secretary-Treasurer Cindy Bevis, Immediate Past President Marianne James, Paul Coons, Bob Davenport, Robert McGovern, Ted Popov, Cheryl Ruzich, Nancy Siegmund, Chris Sisulak and Brian Wood.

Ayn Bartok was announced as the 2016 Egyptian REALTOR® of the Year.

Palmer shares safety statistics with members

Egyptian Account Executive Charay Palmer shared a one-page sheet of safety facts with members who attended Thursday’s meeting in Marion. The U.S. Department of Labor compiles annual statistics on fatalities for those who work in real estate, rental and leasing. In 2014, the number of deaths was 88, compared with 66, 64 and 63 in the three previous years.

From the National Association of REALTORS® 2016 Member Safety Report she shared the following facts. More than 58,000 REALTORS® were given the survey and 5.3 percent participated:

  • 39 percent of REALTORS® have feared for their safety or the safety of their information;
  • of the members who carry self-defense weapons, 21 percent carry pepper spray and 16 percent carry a firearm;
  • 42 percent of members use a smart phone safety app to track their location and alert colleagues in an emergency;
  • 44 percent of broker offices have safety procedures for their agents (56 percent don’t);
  • a typical REALTOR® meets 50 percent of prospective buyers or sellers they don’t know in their office or in a neutral location.

Carter presentation

Guest speaker Carl Carter Jr. shared some information about his mother, murdered Arkansas REALTOR® Beverly Carter, about the investigation and trial that followed her death, and some ideas to help REALTORS® reduce the risks of physical harm on the job.

His comments included:

  • His mother was his best friend, raising him since she was age 16;
  • 12 years before his mother’s murder, one of his brothers died in an accident;
  • “Safety is tough because sometimes it’s tightening up on things you already know;”
  • When a situation doesn’t feel right “you have my permission to be rude” and safely get out of the situation;
  • Ask strangers to come to your office before showing a property;
  • Make copies of their identification, including photo IDs;
  • Conduct showings with more than one agent;
  • Be careful profiling “bad guys” because sometimes threats come from people you’re comfortable with;
  • Men can be victims of violence, too.

Illinois REALTORS® President Mike Drews also added a few quick tips he uses when showing properties:

  • Always allow prospective buyers to enter rooms first;
  • Let visitors view basements and attics on their own.


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