REALTOR® safety important to your colleagues and your loved ones, too

Source: Bigstock

Source: Bigstock

Before you decide to skip meeting a new client for the first time at your office, remember to minimize your risks by following safety procedures recommended by your managing broker or those offered through the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the Illinois REALTORS®.

The NAR expanded its safety program in 2015 following the murder of Arkansas REALTOR® Beverly Carter and has made its safety tips easily available to real estate professionals. And now that it’s September (REALTOR® Safety Month), you can read the NAR Member Safety Report and get safety tips on Twitter by following @narsafety.

Also, Illinois REALTOR® magazine offers recommendations from Tracey “the Safety Lady” Hawkins and REALTOR® Adrian Manzanares (a former law enforcement officer) and provides links to NAR safety information.

Make September a safe month for your colleagues by reminding them about the safety tips you have found.

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