Carter urges Egyptian REALTORS® to take safety precautions to heart


Carl Carter Jr.

Before guest speaker Carl Carter, Jr., even stepped in front of his audience at the Egyptian Board of REALTORS® general membership meeting Thursday at the Kokopelli Golf Club in Marion, emotions were high.

Egyptian Account Executive Charay Palmer found it difficult to complete her introduction of Carter, whose mother, Arkansas REALTOR Beverly Carter, was murdered almost two years ago while showing a property by herself. The son was there to speak about his mother’s life, her death and the safety precautions he encourages REALTORS to take in their everyday duties so they can avoid the fate she suffered.

“As your AE,” said Palmer, quoting NAR safety survey statistics that showed only 44 percent of brokerage offices with safety procedures in place. “It is frustrating to me to see so many of you neglect your safety.”

“I’m here about awareness,” Carter said. “But it’s going to be up to you to change things.”

Later, he added: “I hope this story . . . helps you do your profession with a little bit of heightened awareness.”



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