Get downloadable, fillable legal forms from Illinois REALTORS®

Source: Bigstock

Source: Bigstock

Illinois REALTORS®, which just released its new updated real estate forms earlier this month, has now made it possible for members to electronically fill them out.

The forms were downloadable in a PDF format, but the recent update allows members to fill out data fields on the device of their choice.

The association provides legal-reviewed forms as a free benefit for its 44,000 members. The forms cover nearly every aspect of real estate transactions, including disclosures and agency agreements.

The association periodically reviews and updates the forms to make sure they reflect the latest license law an legal changes.

The forms (logon required) can be accessed here.

The forms are part of a collection of documents brokers will find useful.

Check out the brochures and resources available through the association’s RVOICE program. Read about the elimination of the mold disclosure form and the addition of the Broker Price Opinion/Comparative Market Analysis.

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