Illinois REALTORS®: Make your vote count Tuesday!


Support local, state and federal candidates who back private property rights, business, economic growth and lower taxes when you go to the polls tomorrow for the Illinois general election.

Here’s a recap of 22 candidates in Opportunity Races who deserve your vote. These candidates are in the most hotly contested races and, because of that, have received not only traditional RPAC support through direct contributions, but extraordinary support for outreach efforts to voters.

Illinois REALTORS® supported 16 candidates with Independent Expenditures – which means the association did not coordinate its support with the candidates or the candidates’ campaigns.

Illinois REALTORS® have also identified efforts to bring Home Rule to the Illinois communities of Auburn, Westville and Yorkville. Illinois REALTORS® opposes Home Rule because it allows local government officials to raise taxes on residents.

Find out your polling place. Illinois REALTORS® make a difference!

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