REALTORS® play role in 3 Home Rule defeats in General Election

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Illinois REALTORS® and its education foundation, Real Property Alliance, were involved educating voters about the dangers of three Home Rule ballot initiatives in the state.

In each one, the organizations pointed out the potential danger of allowing smaller communities nearly unfettered control over implementing property tax increases and some fees. Home Rule, as RPA and Illinois REALTORS® has long held, is just a way for policymakers to go around voters who must pay the taxes and fees.

Happily, voters in Auburn, Westville, and Yorkville saw the flaw in trying to become a home rule unit. Each community voted the ballot initiative down.

  • 55.8 percent of Westville voters said “no” to Home Rule.
  • 55 percent of Yorkville residents also said “no.”
  • And in Auburn, 75 percent of residents voted against Home Rule.
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2 thoughts on “REALTORS® play role in 3 Home Rule defeats in General Election

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  2. Thank God the voters in Auburn saw this for what it was! The council was looking for a quick, convenient way to get deeper into our pockets. I am glad that they were not allowed to have a blank check at our expense! I hope they get the point to not ask for it again.

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