Today is the last day for some voting circumstances


Remember, Illinois REALTORS® today is the last day for several voting-related situations regarding the Illinois general election. For example, it is the last day registered voters can request a vote by mail ballot in person at their office of election authority, says the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE).

Also, it is the last day for early voting at locations designated by election authorities and for ‘nursing home’ voting.

In addition, it is the last day for curbside voting at the local election authorities or their designated alternate locations. According to the ISBE, curbside voting is when “temporarily or permanently physically disabled voters request two judges of opposite party affiliation deliver a ballot to a place where the voter is unable to continue forward motion to the polling place.”

However, grace period registration and voting continues through tomorrow.

For more information on all these subjects, visit the ISBE website.

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