Village repeals ordinance requiring resale inspections

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Illinois REALTORS® celebrated a victory for residential property owners in the village of Indian Head Park in southwestern Cook County when the village board approved the elimination of resale property inspections last week.

Effective Nov. 11, the vote reinstates the rights of Indian Head Park property owners to sell their property without village inspections and eliminates the municipality’s $200 inspection fee, according to local Illinois REALTORS® Governmental Affairs Director Tom Joseph.

“This is a real win for us,” says Joseph. “It’s very difficult to get municipalities to change a law once it is passed. The Indian Head Park mayor told me that a similar situation in the village of Brookfield played a positive role in Indian Head Park’s decision.”

Tom Joseph

The village of Indian Head Park will rely on final water meter readings and enforcement of its property maintenance code to meet the goals of its resale inspection program.

To read about the Brookfield’s 2015 decision, go here.

2 thoughts on “Village repeals ordinance requiring resale inspections

  1. Good to see the administration participate and listen when the Realtor voice stood up for property owner rights. Its especially good to hear they understood and were willing to find a fair compromise. I know Indian Head Park Homeowners will be pleased.

  2. Tom,

    This is great news! As Chairman for the MORE south suburban Government Affairs Committee, I’ve seen your persistent and consistent efforts in the south suburbs. Point of Sale inspections are a very big deal for brokers and for property owners, and its extremely rare that we see this kind of meaningful change. In many of our communities we struggle against unfair and burdensome inspection fees, transfer tax, and a general unwillingness to work with the realtor community. The repeal of the inspection ordnance in Indian Head Park is truly a victory! Thank you for your hard work as always.

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