Can you guess the top 10 categories of 2016 Legal Hotline questions?

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Of the 2,504 questions submitted to the Illinois REALTORS® Legal Hotline in 2016 by members, three of the top 10 categories were related to license law in 2016.

“License law – scope,” or the “Do I need a license for this?” type of question, was first with a total of 286 questions submitted via email and phone calls. “License law – business practices,” or the “Is this something I can or should do in my business?” type of question, was fifth with 182 submitted. “License law – corporate structure,” or the “May I legally set up my entity or entities like this?” type of question, was ninth with 122.

Other categories in the top 10 included:

2) agency issues – 258,

3) advertising questions – 256,

4) contracts to purchase – 242,

6) escrow accounts – 151,

7) listing agreements – 147,

8) disclosure of physical defects questions – 140 and

10) fair housing – 113.

The hotline received 811 questions via email and 1,693 by phone, or an average of 209 a month.

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