Activities help consulate liaison program keep growing

(l to r) Lithuanian Consul General Marijus Gudynas, Sharon Gorrell and REALTOR® Mikus Kins discussed mutual benefits of working together.

Earlier this month, members of the Illinois REALTORS® Consulate General Liaison Program met with their consulates and with each other for training and networking in Chicago.

For example, REALTOR® Mikus Kins, Consulate General Liaison to Lithuania, and Global Policy Advisor Sharon Gorrell met with Marijus Gudynas, Lithuanian Consul General and explained our liaison program. They discussed ways Gudynas and the REALTOR® community can work together to promote real estate in Illinois, in addition to fostering relationships with the real estate community in Lithuania.

“Cooperation with the Illinois REALTORS® could help establish mutually beneficial relationships between Lithuanian business representatives and the REALTOR® community in Illinois,” said Gudynas. “I hope that it encourages the sharing of best practices and knowledge that results in new business opportunities for Illinois and Lithuania.”

Kins and Gorrell also shared information on the NAR Global program and how it is expanding to more countries.

Also, the entire liaison team heard from representatives of the state of Illinois as well as global staff members from state and national associations. Topics included Consular corps in Chicago, assets of the state of Illinois and resources available for meetings and activities with the consulates.

The day ended with a series of “speed networking sessions” to help liaisons learn about each other. The training and networking is designed to help develop a strong network that grows into a true global asset for the Illinois REALTORS®.

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