REALTORS® give IE support to reelect Prigge in Elgin

Illinois REALTORS® mailed postcards to registered Elgin voters asking them to vote for John Prigge for city council on April 4.

The postcards are part of an independent expenditure campaign by Illinois REALTORS®. Independent expenditure activities take place in support of a candidate for public office without any coordination with the candidate or the candidate’s campaign.

The postcards say Prigge has voted against unnecessary property tax increases and will continue to fight for the creation of two economic development directors to bring new businesses and more jobs to Elgin. He wants a city council discussion of budget cuts and reduced services before he’ll vote for a budget, especially if there’s a proposed tax hike. Please support him if you live in Elgin.

For a list of all the independent expenditures, go here. To read all the stories in this series, go here.

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