REALTOR®-branded state bicentennial items now available

Show pride in your state, your community and your profession by purchasing T-shirts, yard signs, decals, banners and more that celebrate the Illinois Bicentennial through the NAR REALTOR® Team Store.

These items feature the theme “Illinois REALTORS® working with heart in every community.” It is a feel-good theme that will be celebrated across the state from now through 2018.

Available items include:

  • Logo decals,
  • Yard signs,
  • X-frame banners,
  • T-shirts,
  • Heart pins and
  • Selfie signs.

Find out more about how the association will be celebrating the Illinois Bicentennial by visiting this page.

Illinois REALTORS® are planning projects across the state including “adopting” a historic home or property in our local REALTOR® association communities as well as downtown Springfield, in the block shared by the Illinois REALTORS® headquarters.

REALTORS® will partner with local community groups and state and local agencies to help identify and develop the projects. The association is a partner with the Illinois Bicentennial Commission, which oversees the state’s plans for the milestone birthday. For updates, LIKE us on Facebook: Follow and tag #REALTORSworkingwithHeart. Learn more

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