Little things matter when REALTORS communicate says Huey

Anthony Huey speaks at the Illinois REALTORS Conference & Expo Thursday.

Preparation can make all the difference in the way REALTORS communicate with consumers, colleagues, elected officials and anyone affiliated with their business, says Anthony Huey of Reputation Management Associates.

Effective communication, he said, involves boiling down stock presentations into repeatable messages that can be recited from memory. His presentation, titled “Making Your Messages Memorable,” wrapped up Thursday morning programming at the Illinois REALTORS Conference & Expo.

Details matter, and the best way to communicate effectively is by videotaping presentations REALTORS regularly give, transcribing the presentations, editing the transcripts down, then practicing the scripts so that they can be delivered by memory.

“It’s not one thing that’ll change (the effectiveness of your communication),” said Huey. “It’s all the little things you do.”

Following Huey’s presentation, a prize drawing was held for the REALTOR® Relief Fund, and Alex Anderson of Strano and Associates was the lucky winner of a wagon of beverages. Approximately $2,000 was raised for the REALTOR® Relief Fund.

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