REALTORS® should protect their businesses when signing copyright agreements

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Take great care to review any agreements that you might be asked to sign when outsourcing services that assist you in your real estate brokerage business. It is especially important to be cautious when hiring someone else to provide work for you that is generally subject to copyright, such as property photos.

Also, if you have a website where third parties post information, including copyrighted works such as photos, you want to be exempt from copyright infringement charges under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In the video “Window to the Law: Changes to DMCA Safe Harbor,” NAR Associate Counsel Chloe Hecht explains a 2017 requirement for copyright agents.

NAR offers more information on the DMCA here that explains the new digital process for registration of copyright agents which could well apply to you in your real estate brokerage business.

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